Trash Service and Recycling

Trash Service

A utility bill from the City will consist of Water, Sewer, and Trash.

Regular trash pickup is every Friday morning. Please have trash out by 6:00 AM. Extra cans are available at $8.70 a can. Heavy trash pickup is also on Friday but we ask that you contact city hall with a description of the objects and an email will be sent to the trash company so that they are aware of an additional pickup.

Please contact City Hall at 903-546-6321 with your trash pickup questions and concerns.

Business and Commercial trash customers: The city handles small totes, but contact Republic Services directly if you need Dumpsters: 972-422-2341 or

Recycling Program

The City of Tom Bean has entered into a partnership with Republic Services for a recycling program. The details are as follows:

  • All materials can be co-mingled….no need to sort the materials.
  • Items that can be recycled are paper, food and drink cans made of tin, aluminum, or steel, and all plastic containers #1 through #7.
  • All containers must be empty and rinsed free of food residue. Lids from cans must be placed inside the cans; labels do not need to be removed. Caps and lids from plastic containers should be removed and discarded.
  • Examples of some items that cannot be recycled include: Aluminum foil, pizza boxes, plastic grocery sacks, Styrofoam, and containers that held hazardous materials such as motor oil, pesticide, paint, or weed killer.
  • Due to current circumstances with the commodities market, glass is not being accepted for recycling.
  • No shredding paper to be placed in bags that are co-mingled with other items.

Location of drop off: 201 S. Britton (City Hall) BLUE DUMPSTERS by the light pole.