Affordable Housing Initiative

Effective 07/23/2018 – 07/23/2019

The City of Tom Bean is pleased to announce the creation of a new Affordable Housing Initiative.

The program is simple, and it works like this:

If you build a new, single-family dwelling anywhere in the corporate limits of Tom Bean and the house has less than or equal to 1,800 square foot of living area, you will receive a “discount” on all applicable city fees associated with building the home. The discounts include a reduced building permit fee, reduced water and sewer tap fees.

Here is a cost comparison that shows the Affordable Housing Initiative savings over current fees:

Any new home built in Tom Bean that meets the square footage requirement is eligible to participate in the Affordable Housing Initiative program. This includes private homes, speculative homes, custom-built homes, housing built on in-fill lots or in platted subdivisions.

For more information or to obtain a building permit application, please contact Cathy Pugh, City Clerk, at (903) 546-6321 or e-mail us.