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Update on Tom Bean
Posted on January 23rd, 2018 at 4:43:24 PM by Mayor Sherry E. Howard
Happy New Year to you all! As 2018 has quickly approached and things are spinning at city hall, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect upon some great accomplishments that the city as a whole did in 2017. The first and most important thing I want to say is that our team at city hall worked very hard this year to get many things in place for our future growth that will be coming our way due to the many great things that are happening in Grayson County right now. Special thanks to our city council members Mayor Pro-tem Lonnie Jones, Brittany Melton, Daniel Harrison and Dawson Nitcholas for working together as a group of people with me to ensure that we represent our citizens who elected us into office.
Cathy Pugh, City Secretary/Municipal Clerk, recently celebrated 15 years with the city—what a great accomplishment! Tammy Phillips, Municipal Court Clerk, also celebrated 12 years with the city! Steve Dane, Public Works Director, has been with the city for almost 4 years and Dakota Bomsburger, has been with the city for 2 years. Tom Bean is blessed to have these people in place and they know their jobs well. This city, as you can see, we are fortunate to have staff that have both a commitment to our city and their jobs!!
Update on Holcombville Water Line Upgrade-the city was approved for a grant from Texas Department of Agriculture in August 2016 in the amount of $189,420 with the city’s portion of $18,000 for a total of $207,420. As of today, the contractors are 95% complete with the installation of all new/larger water lines along with two fire hydrants for that neighborhood. We are very proud of this accomplishment for our city!
Update on Water Systems Improvements, Well, Ground Storage Tank—the city started working on the acquisition of a 3rd water well back in December 2015 with a meeting with the Greater Texoma Utility Authority (GTUA). After many months of working with our engineer and GTUA, we were awarded a low interest loan for $1.2M over a period of 20 years. The well should be completed and in operation by the end of this year. Because of this additional well, it will take the burden off of the other two wells and ensure that we have ample water supply for our now customers and well as for additional growth.
Type A Community Development Corporation—once again hosted the annual Christmas Parade this year. The most exciting thing to happen to Tom Bean was the first annual AUTUMN NIGHTS of which all the boards worked together along with the Tom Bean Beautification Committee to make this an event that was enjoyed by many in our community. In fact we had at least 2000 people come out and enjoy the day and nighttime activities.
Type B Economic Development Corporation—the downtown park was enhanced this year with the addition of a great tree, plaque and landscaping. This is a beautiful park paid through sales taxes collected in our city.
In 2018 we hope to see additional homes being built along with hopefully some additional businesses. We were fortunate to have five new homes that were issued building permits last year. You and I will continue to see changes in our city as the growth of Grayson County is happening today! Please check Chief Tim Green’s FB page for the accomplishments of the PD this year. If anyone would like to volunteer for the P&Z Board or Tom Bean Beautification Committee, please contact the Mayor at 903-546-3010 for details. Lastly, May is election time for several seats in our city and school.

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